Planet Buddies is dedicated to raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world. Our goal is to educate children about the issues that threaten animals with extinction. This includes loss of habitat, global warming, and harmful substances ending up in our oceans. Our aim is to share knowledge and inspire change in our future generations to help protect all life on our planet.

We’ve teamed up with World Land Trust (WLT). For every sale, a portion of revenue will be donated to the charity supporting the animal featured on the purchased product

We are also working with rePurpose Global to recover as much plastic from nature as we use in our products!


The packaging for each Planet Buddies product is made from 100% recyclable cardboard, with NO plastic window, and is printed with soy-based inks. None of our products or packaging contain any single-use plastics so we can be kind to our environment.

We hope you will enjoy your Planet Buddies products for years to come! But when they eventually reach the end of their life, please remember to recycle them. Check with your local recycling centre for more information.